More than a Just a Fake Magazine Cover


I’ve always found it impossible to find the right gift for the right price (and as a college kid that price is pretty low).  Within days of working here I discovered that creating a YourCover is more than just a fake magazine cover, its a memory.  Whether you are looking for a personalized anniversary gift, a Father’s day gift, or simply an instant gift, YourCover has it all! 

For example, the only thing in the world my dad loves more than my family is my dog, Summer.  With Father’s day right around the corner, I thought of the perfect gift – a YourCover magzine cover.  No other fake magazine cover generator offers the amount of magazine cover templates and unique headlines as YourCover does.  YourCover allowed me to create a unique photo gift commemorating not only my dad but my dog too (they make quite the pair)!  At last my gift finding woes are finally over (a custom gift at a low price, I’m in heaven), and your’s should be too – only at YourCover can you create more than just fake magazine covers – but capture a memory, and commemorate your favorite people.


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