Mother’s Day is in a Few Days!!

Can you believe Mother’s Day is almost here?  My mom is so hard to shop for, it’s unbelievable.   She doesn’t wear jewelry, she doesn’t like receiving flowers, clothing is a definite no, and all of those gift certificates for back massages sit in her desk drawer for years!

Last year I made her dinner.  That was great because she came to visit me at school and I got to make her a special meal.  Now that we’re living together full time, cooking for her isn’t exactly "special".  I do it every other night!

A YourCover custom magazine cover is the greatest idea since sliced bread!  It was really fun and easy to make.  My brother also got a chance to get in on the gift by logging into my account.  Usually it’s hard to coordinate gift ideas because we are so far away from each other, but makes it easy for us to work on a magazine cover together.

Unique gifts for mom are hard to come by, especially when your mom is as difficult to shop for as mine, so making her a personalized magazine cover with my brother has saved me a lot of time and money.  The best thing about this gift? It comes from the heart!  Moms love that…

Make this Mother’s Day one she won’t forget by making her a unique personalized gift she can keep forever.


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