National Cat Day – October 29: A Purrr-fect Way to Celebrate!

National Cat DayWe think that it’s a bit odd that National Cat Day takes place the same week as Halloween.  We’ve all heard about black cats and Halloween and the sometimes not nice things people do to black cats so for those of us that have a black cat – keep him or her inside this Saturday night.

Now for all you cat lovers did you even know there was a holiday celebrating our feline friends?  That’s fright – er, that’s right!  Every year October 29 is National Cat Day.   If you’re like us, you ADORE your cat and all his little ‘habits’ that sometimes drive you crazy laughing and then there are other times when he drives you – just crazy!  Like going in and out 72 times in an hour.

A fake magazine cover from is a great way to show people the special relationship you have with your cat or cats.  Use multiple photos that truly capture your cat’s unique personality.

The Cat Life template is ready to go for you and all you need to do is upload a photo or two, customize our default headlines and either have YourCover professionally print and frame it, or download an instant jpeg and print it yourself (and don’t forget to share it online too).  It’s fast, easy, personal, and nobody else you know will do it.

It’s a purrfectly wonderful idea don’t you think?


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