No More Writer’s Block!

Have you ever had writer’s block?  I have had it plenty!  It is quite frusterating when you are sitting there for hours trying to think of something to write and nothing comes out.  A lot of people have come up with different suggestions on how to cure writer’s block, such as:

*Revisit: re-read some of your previous works. Maybe it was a journal entry. Perhaps you wrote a poem once. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a novel. You can still gain insight and even inspiration from something else you’ve written.
*Change of Scenery
How many times have you heard a song that reminds you of something? Perhaps you heard that song a dozen times a day when you were in college. So that particular song brings back memories. The same goes for scenery in your every day life.   If you’re sitting in the same room, day after day, the scenery’s going to get old. That scenery starts to remind you that you’re not writing. That you’re stuck in what seems like a hopeless case of Writer’s Block.The solution is simple. Seek out a change of pace. Go for a walk. Take a drive.
*Rewrite Another’s Work
Check out a newspaper or magazine article. Now rewrite that story from a new angle.

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