How To Make A Fun Sales Award


Oftentimes, a salesperson is one of the most integral parts of a business model. Everyone plays a big role, but your sales team is responsible for initial contact with the client, selling the product or service, and maintaining positive rapport throughout their time of doing business. For their hard work, these individuals sometimes deserve a little recognition, and there are many ways to do so. Instead of the usual gifts you give, consider starting a trend with a “Sales Award” in the form of a custom magazine cover that your recipient and company can all enjoy. Here are a few tricks to making the perfect cover.


Feature Their Accolades

A sales award is supposed to congratulate and reward the recipient for reaching or attaining particular goals. Instead of a plaque or certificate with their name and the date, create a personalized magazine cover that is all about the recipient, their accomplishments, and the company. In the magazine cover headlines, talk about their achievements and use a font in big bold letters so everyone is able to read them. This helps distinguish what made them the person to receive the award.

Provide Encouragement

This is a great opportunity to promote internal growth within your company as well. Someone who has been named for the sales award is technically a representative of the company as a whole during their time as the winner. Before making the cover, find a quote that would suit the magazine cover. Allow this to be words of encouragement, or a trick on how they succeeded. These help other sales reps learn what they can do to also eventually be a ‘winner’.

Talk About The Company

It’s a good idea to reiterate your company’s values and what your winner of the month brings to the table. This will provide context about the award itself while also letting future sales consultants know how they can help propel the business as a whole. Paired with such an awesome custom gift, your team will be eager to see if they can become the star for the future months to come.
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Creating The Perfect Valentine’s Day Magazine Cover


Valentine’s Day is all about showing the proper affection to the people in your life who mean the most to you. Whether this is a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse,  close friend or family member, this is the perfect holiday to show your appreciation for the special people in your life. And while chocolate and roses are great gifts, sometimes a unique, custom made gift is the perfect addition to your list of gifts. Below are a few things you can do to create a custom magazine cover as a lasting and unique Valentine’s Day gift to enjoy for years to come!

Valentines Day

Talk About The Person

Because you’re highlighting this person as the star of the magazine cover (and the holiday), you should likely speak highly of them in the headlines. Point out some of the things that make this person who they are, or why you’re so into them. This could be something as simple as “A smile that could light up a room” or “have you seen her eyes?” as a headline. This is a great way to point out what you love about this person and what you know will make them smile.

Make Sure It Fits The Holiday

For Valentine’s Day, the typical colors consist of red, pink and white. If possible, stick with these colors for headlines and other accents to the photo to really embody the holiday. This is a great way to tie the holiday into your gift, and make it look as best as possible — the best part? All of this can be easily achieved right inside of the YourCover Magazine Cover Editor to make sure it’s perfect.

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Recent Testimonial Roundup!


A customer review means a lot to a business — it lets us know how we’re doing, what can be improved upon, and what they like most about the experience and product! At YourCover, we take into consideration every comment that is made about what we’re offering. While we won’t brag too much, we’re happy to have over 750 reviews on our website, with an average rating of over 4.5 stars! Below, we’ve compiled a few reviews that we feel represent our business in great light as well as showcase the different things that can be done with a custom magazine cover.


“Good idea for a unique gift. The site is easy to follow and if needed back up support is quick, comprehensive and friendly.” – Ron B

“Made the cover for a fishing buddy. He was delighted and surprised.” – E. Hyatt

“Seems like a great was easy to use…” – V. Gilmore

“Very pleased with the options for creating and for ordering the final product. I look forward to seeing the final product from the downloaded file.”

“What a great idea for a funny 40th birthday gift. I had so much fun making it!” – Alexis J.

“This was very quick and easy to do. I appreciate the option to download or have the company print photo. The framing options are fantastic as well! I can’t wait to see the finished product.” – Kane L.

“It was quick & easy. Exactly what I was looking for & the person we got it for absolutely loved it!” – S. Savini

“The demo video was helpful but your process is pretty easy to work with. I played with it for a day or two to get my cover “just right”. Fun process.” – Judy S.

“Would love to use titles like ESPN or Sports Illustrated, but happy with what I chose.

The product is great and the customer service was great with my needs. Thank you!” – J.B.

“Love the website! So user friendly. Great product and great customer service. There was an issue with the website, and I called and got a very quick and courteous reply. Thanks so much!” – Tammy S.

“Easy site to use, Really helped us out looking for a gift for a guy retiring THANKS!” – Jeff S.

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Using A Magazine For A Pregnancy Reveal


Announcing a pregnancy can be one of the most exciting reveals that women and couples can do when the time comes. Bringing a child into your life is also one of the most beautiful things to ever happen and the moment is truly unforgettable. For men and women alike, there’s a new trend which includes a fun way to reveal to everyone that you’re having a baby (which for reaction videos, are always priceless), and they can get pretty unique. But what about announcing it via something a bit more creative and unique? A “hot off the presses” magazine cover sounds like the perfect way to do so!


  • This method allows the future parents to get creative with their idea, in more ways than just a simple photo. While you can use any photo you’d like of the parents, other things can be placed into the cover as well, such as the godparents (if you’ve chosen them already) and more.
  • You can date the magazine in the future, or the present! This is a perfect way to generate buzz about the tentative due date, which can help others plan their time accordingly and allow them to be available for the birth, should you want anyone there for the baby’s first moments.
  • It can be tailored to gender as well, if you know it. Should you find out the gender in advance, you can tailor your colors to represent a boy, or a girl! This also presents a great opportunity to create funny headlines about the name of the baby, or process in which he or she will be named. Something along the lines of “The Great Debate Over Middle Names” is something to consider.
  • It’s unique. We’ve seen the can of Prego sauce before, and the other forms of reveals can get a bit vanilla. While they’re all cute and exciting, something a bit more unique might be on your radar, and this is the best way to utilize your creative juices.

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How To Create A Unique Party Invite


Party invitations typically take on a traditional approach — they tell you where and when it’ll be, the dress code, and your RSVP date. But let’s be honest, who wants the same old invite each time another party happens? In a world where unique is the new ‘in’ trend, something as small as your party invite can be a big way to set your big day apart from the rest. We’ve compiled a few tips below on how you can create a unique magazine cover that doubles as a party invite for your guests!


  • Include All Information. Though this is a fun play on a magazine cover, all necessary information should be included. The time, place, and dress code are a few things to mention. This doesn’t mean you can’t be fun with it, just make sure it’s clear!
  • Spice It Up! Whether you’re planning an extravagant party or a simple get-together, your magazine cover should still replicate that of an authentic one. Keep your headlines bolded, and use colors that will help them stand out. Making sure that everything is legible is a key to a successful magazine cover.
  • Feature Yourself. If the party is for you, it’s a good idea to use a fun photo of yourself to advertise the event! Maybe you’re heading to the bar for a few drinks — feature a picture of yourself enjoying a pint. Remember, this cover is supposed to explain and highlight the event as a whole.
  • Include RSVP Instructions. Whether it’s a call to you or an email back, RSVPing for a party is the easiest way to obtain a headcount — you don’t want to expect a few people and have triple the amount show up! You can include these instructions on the bottom of the cover, which is traditionally where they’d be on other types of invites!

Ultimately, your party is what you make it, and it begins with the excitement you build from the invite itself. By enticing your potential guests with a custom magazine cover as an invite, they’ll be just as ready to party as you are! With instant download available, you can send the invite as either an email, or print it out and send it through the mail!
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Why A Magazine Makes A Great Retirement Gift


The departure of an employee is something commonly seen before the start of a new year — and sometimes, it’s for good reason. Those who’ve done their time in the workforce are often rewarded with the luxury of retirement, and traditionally do so at the end of a fiscal year. For those who are near and dear to their colleagues, gifts are usually given to those who are departing from the company. Gift cards, photo albums and t-shirts are all great gifts — but sometimes highlighting their achievements in a memorable way is just as thoughtful. If you know someone taking the retirement plunge, a personalized magazine cover might be a great ‘farewell’ gift idea!


  • Highlighting professional achievements is easy with a magazine cover. With the ease of adding text, you can include accolades that were accumulated over the years, and make sure that their hard work was noticed and appreciated. Employee of the month, sales awards, and many more all find a perfect place to rest on the cover of a magazine
  • Including their hobbies is also a great way to recognize your coworkers. If he/she is the type to talk about fishing and their prized ‘trophy catch’, a quirky caption about how he/she manages their tackle box like his/her stock portfolio fits perfectly!
  • A good way to make them feel remembered is to include captions about what life might be like outside of the office when they’re gone. “What will we ever do without Bill’s wisdom in the morning?” One of the best ways to send off a former employee is to make them feel as if they made an impact with their work, and they were appreciated by all.


Before the holidays come and go, make sure you have the perfect gift for your departing colleague. At $9.95 with the option for an instant download, we take the hassle out of searching for a gift, and replace it with something personal, meaningful, and fun!
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Best Gift Ideas For Coworkers


So you’ve decided on a custom magazine cover for your coworker, but you’re stuck on what to put on it — what now? The gift you give to your professional colleagues should be personal, featuring their positives as both a friend inside and outside the workplace. To do so, there are a few things to take note of before creating a personalized gift for the ones you spend 40 (or more) hours per week with. 


  • Include their accolades. If they’re a hard worker, let them know that you appreciate their work. Many times, recognition of hard work is motivation for people to want to continue working hard and doing better. Something along the lines of “ Our Hardest Worker in IT” is something simple and effective that showcases their work, and lets them know that it isn’t going unnoticed.
  • Point Out Funny Moments. If this person is the life of the party at events, it’s sometimes good to create headlines that go along with this theme. Including a headline such as “How John Makes The Office Laugh” is another way to let them know that they’re recognized as someone who’s in good spirit most of the time and puts a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Include Hobbies. Point out some hobbies that this person may have outside of the workspace — something that makes them who they are. If he/she is a great golfer, make sure to highlight their skills as well. Using a line that explains how he/she won the company golf outing or ‘could’ve gone pro’ is another headline that gives others an idea as to who they are as a person, and what they’re like outside of the suits and conference calls.

While there are a ton of different things to say, their photo is also going to be a key role in the creation process. If you’re creating a professional looking magazine cover, make sure the picture fits the bill — the same goes for one that appears more casual. You’re sure to find just the right magazine cover template as there are over 80 choices for every holiday, interest and personality.
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Finding The Perfect Gift For Friends & Family


Holiday shopping, while sometimes fun, can also be difficult. Depending on the person you’re gifting, finding the perfect item is often a toss-up. Far too often we hear “I have no idea what to get them!” as the day for exchanging gifts approaches. For some, simple gifts can mean more to someone than an expensive one. If you’re struggling with what to get for a close friend or family member, a custom magazine cover may be just what you’ve been looking for!




    • They’re Completely Custom. Your personalized magazine cover is far from the cookie-cutter gift or the traditional gift card. You have the option of creating everything fro
      m a ‘best friend’ cover to a sports themed cover, with many options in between.
    • You Can Share Old Memories. Because you can customize every part of the text on the cover, inside jokes and quirky quotes can be placed anywhere you see fit on the image. This is a great way to get a few laughs out of the gift, especially if it’s synonymous with a habit of theirs that others know about!
    • Instant Delivery. Sometimes you’re in a pinch and need to find that perfect last minute gift. With instant delivery, you won’t need to rush around looking for a perfect gift at the last minute! If you do have extra time, YourCover can also print, frame, and ship your gift to your door while you finish the rest of your shopping.



While shopping may cause a bit of stress now, the ease of this particular gift allows you to effectively check someone special off of your list, while giving them something entirely personal and fun. Additionally, if you’re strapped for time, our instant download option provides you with your custom gift within minutes of your order being placed.

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3 Things You Can Do With Your Magazine Cover


Believe it or not, a custom magazine cover has a ton of different uses once it’s created. Not only does it make a great gift for a family member or friend, it has lots of uses beyond being a unique gift. Here are a few suggestions on different ways to use a personalized magazine cover to make your party or event extra special.


Cake Image

Let’s say you want to use the image for a birthday party and you’re low on options. With the availability of a digital download, you can make your magazine cover and then bring the file to your local baker or ice cream parlor and have the image printed onto a cake. This option allows you to spice up the look of the dessert for everyone to enjoy. In addition to being on the cake, print out a copy of the cover and frame it — now you have used the magazine cover for more than one purpose! Plus, it makes a great photo opportunity for the birthday girl/boy.

Sign In Board

For parties, a magazine cover can be used to show off the star of your party.. At many large events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, milestone anniversary or birthday parties, a sign in book is often in the front of the venue. Go big & get rid of the book and print your magazine cover as a poster, mount it on foam core and stand it on an easel at the entrance with magic markers. Your guests can now ‘sign in’ on the board and leave a heartwarming message for the star of the day. The cover poster will be a wonderful piece of memorabilia to reflect on for years to come.

Trading Cards

Instead of the typical sports themed cards given out to family and friends, a fake magazine cover is a great way to have them done the DIY way, and save yourself a few dollars in the process. Most sports photographers offer only the child’s photo on a card without any personalized text. Use the cover editor to completely customize the text on the card, and make use of your creative side to create an entirely unique and personalized card!

When you’re ready to get started, head on over to the Cover Editor and begin creating your magazine cover..  To create your personalized magazine cover choose a template that matches your event or the cover star’s interests or personality.. With an instant download option and a low price of $9.95, there’s no better ‘just because’, last minute, or personalized gift to give to that special someone! For examples of previously created magazines, make sure to like us on Facebook,  find us on Pinterest or browse our magazine cover templates!


Why A Magazine Cover Is A Great Teacher Gift


With the main holidays of the year approaching, it sometimes becomes hard to give gifts to certain people. With the kids in school all day, it’s often a good idea to repay their teacher with a small gift. Aside from the run-of-the-mill gifts that many give, a customized magazine cover can be the perfect way to show your appreciation for the dedication given to your child day in  and day out.


Personalize the magazine cover to be all about their life and interests. Let’s say their teacher loves to go hiking or play soccer — you can feature them doing what they love while also tying in their profession. For example, the headline ‘kicking the kids into high gear’ on a soccer cover serves as a great way to play with wording.

– They can display it in class. Sure, a box of doughnuts or a cake is also a great idea, but it’s a short lived treat. A magazine cover can be placed somewhere and on display forever, allowing him/her to show it proudly. As a bonus, you can also have your children design a custom frame to put the magazine cover in for a truly personal touch.

– It can be added to a basket of other goodies! With an instant download price of $9.95, this is the perfect way to add another custom addition to a small basket of goodies for your teacher. If the class is pitching in to make one big gift basket, this is a great item that won’t be repeated. Showing your appreciation for your teachers doesn’t have to be a difficult job. In a few easy steps, you can create an entirely unique gift that can be admired for years. A fake magazine cover is a great addition. To get started, visit our cover editor page here!