Party Like A Rock Star


Have you’ve heard about P. Diddy getting his sixteen year old son a brand new silver Maybach (valued at $360,000)? Some people are criticizing this extravagant gift for a sixteen year old, but I think P. Diddy is right when he defends himself saying he doesn’t have to answer to anyone about how to raise his kids, after all, we don’t know how he raises his kids anyway.  

My mom always said that one of the joys in her life was that she works so hard so that she can provide for my brother and me. Okay so a car is out of the question, but I’m sure if she had the income like P. Diddy, that Maybach would be in my driveway too… or maybe a baby pink Corvette…

Let’s stop worrying about all of the things we don’t have in life and start cherishing all the great things we do have. For all those who don’t have Diddy’s cash flow (and that’s most of us) don’t worry, we can still party like rock stars! A photo magazine cover is the perfect sweet 16 gift for a guy and a girl.

Let them know how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Trust me, their friends will get a kick out of it and they’ll be jealous that they’re not starring on the front of their own custom magazine cover


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