Perfect Pet Magazine Cover – a Unique Photo Gift for You or Someone You Love!

Personalized Pet Magazine CoverHow many crazy things can you list that your pet has done?  Or what about those days that you really needed someone, and your best friend Rufus was there to comfort you.

If you are looking for unique photo gifts for the animal lovers on your list or if you are just ga-ga over your pet – now you can immortalize him with his very own magazine cover.

A personalized magazine cover would be great to have at your office, a gift for a friend who LOVES their pet, or even a great way to surprise the kids at the holidays that they are getting a new addition to the family! However you want to use it is up to you, but everyone will love and get a kick out of it especially if the picture is an A+.

You never know what your pet might do, so always have your camera handy for that quirky, adorable, and cozy picture to make your fakle magazine cover just fabulous.

Use the Pefect Pet magazine cover template at YourCover to create some really unique photo gifts for the people (or pets) you really care about.  Your pet is full of fun and laughter, so capture it all with YourCover :o)


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