Personalized 40th Birthday Gift

One of the new magazine cover templates on the redesigned YourCover site is our 40th Birthday magazine cover.  Finding a unique gift to poke fun at your friend or family’s advancing age can be quite a challenge.  Maybe you don’t want to be too harsh and go on and on about their "over the hill" status, so instead make them feel like a star when you put them on their very own fake magazine cover.

40th Birthday Magazine CoverThe YourCover 40th birthday magazine cover template includes a library of headline suggestions that cover all sorts of topics including sports, relationships, food and of course a whole slate of ideas that focus on getting old!  You can be as silly or as serious as you want.  

Simply upload your photo to the YourCover magazine cover generator and personalize the headlines to be all about ancient cover star.  Print the magazine cover yourself for an instant last minute gift or let us print and frame it for you.  A YourCover magazine cover is a truly unique 40th birthday gift and it’s guaranteed to be the hit of the party.   


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