Personalized Anniversary Gifts


Many people may already know that the traditional anniversary gift for the first year is paper. Paper! Paper is used for so many different things that it can make getting a gift for the first anniversary quite challenging.  

A great way to give paper as a gift is a custom magazine cover.  They say a picture says a thousand words, but actual words don’t hurt either. At YourCover, you can create personalized anniversary gifts that are so unique, anyone would love it. 

Our system is easy to use, the hardest part is deciding which picture you love the most to showcase on a custom magazine cover! After you load your photo, add some personal headlines to make the magazine cover your own.  

Great things that people have put on their anniversary magazine covers have been things like lyrics to their first dance, mentioning their first date, beautiful poetry, or funny stories!  

You’ll never realize how important "firsts" are until they are long gone. Make your first year anniversary unforgettable, just like the day you said "I do".   


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