Personalized Anniversary Gifts


Anniversaries are so important because they mark another year of being truly committed to the person you love. The start/end of a year is a time to reflect on the great memories of the past and also create goals and discuss hopes for the future. 

For this June, our Cover Of The Month was made by Marcia A. who comes to us from Washington. It’s a great example of how wonderful personalized anniversary gifts are.  


Congratulations to Marcia and Akil for another great year of marriage. We here at YourCover wish you and your family the best and we hope to see you soon!

If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what to get for your significant other for a personalized anniversary gift, try making a custom magazine cover. It’s easy, inexpensive, and means so much more than cards or flowers.

And you can be our Cover Of The Month Winner too! Make a great cover and let us know you want to enter the cover the month contest for a chance to win a free magazine cover print and beautiful wood frame!

Your Face, Your Words, YourCover.  Get started today! 


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