Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Looking for some ideas for personalized anniversary gifts?  Do you want something as unique and special as the one you love? How about a personalized magazine cover starring your main squeeze? No matter what year you are celebrating, 1st, 5th, 25th, or 50th a YourCover anniversary personalized magazine cover will be bring smiles and laughter to everyone that sees it!

It’s definitely not your “typical” gift, and with our easy online system, you can personalize the headlines to relate to all the memories that you and your partner have shared with each other! You can also upload up to 6 photos that you have taken over the years!
Your anniversary is a testimony to your love, so share a YourCover with your special someone by using it as a gift, party favor, table centerpiece, or invitation to commemorate the celebration of your anniversary! Have it emulate “People” magazine with the title of COUPLE OF THE YEAR, or create a title that reflects your special interests, maybe “Gourmets on the Road”! Have fun and you’ll create a personalized anniversary gift that will be treasured and kept forever.


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