Personalized Birthday Gift is a Big Hit with the Grandchildren!

One of the features we have on the YourCover site is a review tool called Power Reviews.  This tool allows our customers to review our personalized magazine covers and our service.  We are quite proud that we are averaging 4.6 stars and receive some really great comments.  We would like to share a recent review with you (you can find the original on the site at the bottom of the birthday magazine cover page).

The author of this review is a Grandmother who made the fake magazine covers for her granddaughters.  She even included a terrific photo of one of the girls holding her birthday gift.  See what she has to say below:

Unique Personalized Birthday Gift"I’ve been begging my grandkids to stand still for pictures to no avail. Once I told them – especially the girls! – that I was considering sending their pictures to a magazine to use on their cover, they were suddenly VERY cooperative, and I now have great pix. INCLUDING the pictures of them opening their very own, personalized, birthday Magazine Covers! This will now be an annual event – I couldn’t be happier!"


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