Personalized Birthday Gift

The Birthday magazine cover template at YourCover is definitely the most popular theme chosen by our customers.  Of course, that makes sense in that everyone has a birthday and there are birthdays every day of the year!  Did you know that although birthdays are pretty evenly distributed over the year, there tend to be more births in September and October?  And some sources indicate that October 5th is the most populous birthday date in the United States.

Personalized Birthday Gift - Birthday Magazine CoverIf you are looking for a great personalized birthday gift, a magazine cover from YourCover may be the answer you are looking for.  What make our personalized photo magazine covers particularly unique is that you are able to revise all the headlines to be specifically about the person starring on the front.  There are other fake magazine cover sites out there on the internet but nearly all of them only allow you to personalize the photo.  It is cool to have your photo on a fake magazine cover, but what makes YourCover a really special personalized birthday gift is that the text on the front is so, well, personal! 

When we hear from our customers, the feedback we get is that is the customization of the headlines that really thrills the recipient.  Give YourCover a try, it’s fun to make (and easy) and your gift will be the hit of the party!


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