Personalized Birthday Gift

For those of you in the Northeast, you are probably very sick of winter by now.  Since the day after Christmas, we have been getting pummeled with storms and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!  Unlike the adults, the children have been truly enjoying their time spent sledding and sipping hot coccoa.  They aren’t the only ones either.Personalized Magazine Covers

All dog owners can describe what it is like when taking their pooch out in the the snow.  Everytime is like the first.  They frolic, dig, dig some more, shove their faces deeper and deeper, until they in fact become a walking snowball with four legs.  What a photo op!  This would be the best birthday gift ideas for any animal or pet lover! 

Simply create your fake magazine cover by uploading the fabulous snow covered dog photo and personalize the headlines in our magazine cover generator!  It’s so easy to use and this personalized magazine cover will be a hit, whether you are making it for your dog lover friend or a little something for yourself 😉

What other picture gift idea is better than one with your best four legged friend as the cover star?


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