Personalized Gifts are the Best Gifts

Can’t figure our what to buy for your friend or loved one for an upcoming birthday or for the holidays?  A customized gift is the best way to go, the recipient will know you put thought into your gift and that you really care about them.  There are several ways to customize your gift, you can put a monogram (initials) on the item whether embroidered or engraved, or you can use a photo to personalize a gift.

The magazine cover templates at YourCover give consumers the opportunity toFake Magazine Cover - 50th Birthday - from YourCover personalized their gift with both a photo and custom headlines that are all about the recipient.  To make a magazine cover, simply choose one of the many magazine cover templates in our cover generator, then upload a photo.  The last step is to personalize the headlines to be all about your cover star.  Default headlines will appear on your magazine cover template, all you need to do is change the name to your recipient’s name and to change some of the specific details. 

In a matter of minutes you will have created a completely personalized birthday gift! A fake magazine cover is a perfect idea for a 50th birthday gift, or a unique gift for Mom, as a gift for a coach, or even as a romantic gift idea.  YourCover has a magazine cover template for every occasion and interest.

Create your personalized gift at YourCover and give the best gift of the season!


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