Personalized Gifts for Dad – blow dad away with this personalized Father’s Day gift

Enough with the ties, people! This year, get Dad a Father’s Day gift that really means something.

You’ve been searching for hours on the internet for cool personalized gifts for dad, but all you’ve managed to unearth are derivative, cheap, gimmicky knickknacks. Yes, you could give him a certificate to a clothing store, buy him a tie rack or outfit him with some initialized golf clubs. And no doubt, dad would probably enjoy any and all of those gifts – if not for the gift itself, then for the sentiment behind it. But don’t you just want to blow dad away this year with an extra special, fun, and truly personalized gift?

If so, consider making him the star of his own personalized magazine cover. How is this possible? Thanks to our online personalized magazine cover template designs, you can forgo the rigmarole and focus instead on the fun part of the process – picking great photos of dad, choosing funny headlines and fonts to highlight the idiosyncrasies about him which you love, and including special facts or poems which indicate your love and admiration.

Unlike other personalized gifts for dad – which inevitably find their way into the closet, the sports bin, or even the trash – your dad’s personalized magazine cover will likely live on as a token of your affection for years to come – probably in a highly visible position. Dad can display his framed “Dad of The Year” magazine cover in his office as a daily reminder of his own specialness (or – more to the point – the love and affection of his kids).

Mash up your awesome personalized Father’s Day gift at – the best place on the internet for cool custom-crafted magazine covers.


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