Personalized Magazine Covers for Pet!

At a Unique Gift for Petquick glance these may look like photos of Panda cubs and a Tiger to you, but look closer…they are actually man’s best friend…DOGS!!  It’s the latest craze among some dog owners in China to dye their pets to look like other animals.  This treUnique Gift Idea for Petnd hasn’t been quick to pick up here in the US, but it has come close with dog owners dying their dogs fur different colors for fun!
Humans often dye their hair looking for a new change…maybe we are looking for a new change in our pets as well?  A 2005 P&G survey found that 65 percent of women aged 15-75 had colored their hair in the past 12 months.  Americans spent about $1.6 billion on at-home hair color in 2005, according to Euromonitor International.  Average cost of hair color at a salon is $75-100, or up to hundreds of dollars for one treatment at a fancy salon. The process can take up to several hours.

Unique Pet Gift Idea I am unaware of the costs of turning your dog into a jungle animal, but depending on how much hair and how big your dog might be, I would assume it could get pretty costly.  It would make an hysterical Halloween costume, although it is semi-permanent.  
If you were looking for a Halloween costume or a unique gift for pet, you might just want to consider fake magazine covers
Take Snowball here for instance.  She was looking so adorable in her Hello Kitty outfit, that we decided to create a personalized photo gift for the owner.  They LOVED it!  It topped the outfit and they now have it sitting on their desk at work.

Forget the dye job.  Fake magazine covers will make any animal or human happy!


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