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Personalized Magazine Covers

It was not too long ago that my brother and I were sitting on the floor of our parents’ den on Christmas morning playing with the gifts that Santa just brought us.  We had drawn a line down the middle of the carpet and if either one of us crossed it, we had to hand over one of our gifts to the other to play with.  Why?  I don’t know.  Why would he want to play with my Malibu Barbie Beach House and I his PowerRangers?

Recalling the list of all of our hysterical and roller coster moments together [I pulled his arm out of his socket once], it sure does make me ask myself, "Where does the time go?"  He’s graduating on Saturday and I would love to be able to somehow document every moment of all the fun times we’ve shared.

I was thrilled to find out that I could do that with YourCover personalized magazine covers!  He had already had a picture taken in his cap and gown, and I used that for this wonderful picture gift idea.  Topped with some great headlines to make this fake magazine cover come to life, my brother Scott is going to fall to the floor when he sees this!  There is no better way for him to remember such a milestone in his life, than to have a personalized magazine cover.


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