Personalized Photo Gift Ideas

Personalized Magazine CoversOHHHHHH BABY!  It’s a special day when that little one arrives in your arms.  They are the shining star of your life and you want to show them off as much as you can…as soon as you get out of the hospital anyway!

I know just like Emma here, my parents took me to a photographer for my first photo session.  I was the first born, so not only did they want as many pictures as possible, but the grandparents were anxious for there own copies too.

Don’t just give a wallet of your newborn to everyone, spice it up!  A personalized magazine cover of your newborn will be something that everyone can remember.  Your little peanut will sure to be a shining star front and center on their own fake magazine cover.  It will make a unique gift for mom and personalized photo gift ideas for the whole family!  Stop by YourCover and create your baby magazine cover now! 


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