Personalized Photo Magazine Cover

YourCover was established 10 years ago in 2000 to help consumers create a unique personalized gift for someone they care about.  Specifically this gift is a personalized photo magazine cover.  Although often referred to as a fake magazine cover, here at YourCover we believe our personalized magazine covers are a step up from being "fake" magazine covers.

Why?  Many of the free magazine cover generators available on the internet allow you to upload a photo to a fake magazine cover but that is the limit and extent of the A Personalized Photo Magazine Cover from YourCoverpersonalization.  Although it is fun to see your face on a magazine cover, what really makes the personalized photo magazine covers at YourCover extra special is the ability to personalize the headlines.  We receive so many positive comments and reviews from our customers about how much the magazine covers are enjoyed both by the recipient and the other guests at the party.  It is what is said about the person on the magazine cover that makes it so special, not just their image.

Here is a quick quote from a recent YourCover review:  "It was the perfect gift for my daughter’s 16th birthday! Something she will always have to look back on and remember this special milestone in her life! It truly was as simple as they marketed it to be. Drop in a special photo, use your words or their suggestions, print it, frame it and you have an amazing gift that looks professionally done!"

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, a personalized photo magazine cover from YourCover is the perfect solution – it’s more than a fake magazine cover – it’s a gift as unique as the recipient.


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