Photo Tips For Your Magazine Cover


The perfect picture is just a snap away, right? Well, of course — provided you have the right skills necessary that is! When creating your personalized magazine cover, you can either use a photo you already have or take a new one yourself! But not just any photo will work — there are a few tips and tricks to taking the best photo you can, which optimizes it for your unique magazine cover.

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One of the most important things to note when taking a photo is the quality in which it is coming out. In today’s age, most of our cell phones and digital cameras are pretty good at focusing in on the subject, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. In addition, making sure that there’s enough natural light is important, as well as color balance. Doing this will ensure a perfect picture to use as the base of your fake magazine cover

Negative Space

While you want your subject to be the focal point of the image, it’s important to leave some space on either side of them for background purposes. Because your gift is supposed to be a unique magazine cover, you’re also responsible for creating the custom headlines to go along with it! This means that you should leave a bit of blank space for headlines. Note: When creating this negative space, try to keep it all one color if possible, to make sure all text is legible.

Relevant Images

If you’re creating a personalized sports magazine cover, it would make more sense to incorporate some of that sport in the actual photo. This helps give your athlete, dancer or birthday girl/boy the perfect setting for the perfect magazine cover. With everything tied together, you’re able to create the best fake magazine cover possible!
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