Premier Guitar Personalized Magazine Covers now at YourCover!

Premier Guitar Personalized Magazine CoverExciting news!  YourCover is now working with the #1 magazine for guitar enthusiasts – "Premier Guitar" to offer the opportunity to be a Premier Guitar cover star!  We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers and Premier Guitar subscribers the opportunity to not only be on a REAL magazine cover but also one that is so respected among guitar players and lovers.

The Premier Guitar magazine cover template at YourCover comes in two versions, one with the word "guitar" in white and in the other it is in black. Choose whichever title works best for the photo's background colors. The remainder of the system works the same as before, upload your photo and then personalize the headlines to be all about the guitarist starring on the Premier Guitar front cover.

Order a photo file download for self printing or YourCover can print (and frame) the Premier Guitar personalized magazine cover.  Posters, t-shirts and mugs are also fun gift ideas for any music lover.  Creating a personalized Premier Guitar magazine cover is a unique idea for anyone who needs a gift for a bandmate or musician. It can be used to celebrate a lifetime love of music or a particular show or concert.



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