Put it on paper – the best 1st anniversary gift you can buy


Kim Kardashian & Kris HumphriesIt's fun to tease newlyweds with the old saying – "And they said it wouldn't last".   Making it to that one year anniversary is an accomplishment – just ask Kim Karsdashian – oh wait she wouldn't know that!   

But if Ms. Kardashian had made it to her one year anniversary she could not have done better than commemorating the event with a YourCover.com Personalized 1st Anniversary Magazine Coverpersonlized fake magazine cover.  Since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper the choices are sometimes not much better than monogramed napkins, designer toliet paper (really!) and other less than thrilling possibilities.   

And if you are up against a deadline and need an instant gift , YourCover can make you look good since you can download the file and print it out at home if you don't have the time to have it professionally printed and framed.   

If you can't think of enough things to write about Yourcover has a cool suggestion list of things you might consider adding – but remember to make it ultra-personal. 

A YourCover personalized 1st Anniversary magazine cover is so much fun to make and give to the happy couple – or your spouse.   Eat your heart out Kim! 


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