Quick Demo of the New YourCover Magazine Cover Generator

We recently update the YourCover site and we hope you’ll take a look at it www.yourcover.com.  In addition to a site redesign including colors, architecture, layout and logo; we also improved the magazine cover generator and the magazine cover templates.

There are now 25 fake magazine cover templates in the generator and we plan to add another 20-25 in the next few weeks.  Eventually there will be close to 100 magazine cover templates to celebrate all sorts of milestones, special occasions and special people.

The magazine cover generator works a bit differently from our previous design system so we put together a quick demo that shows you how to use it.  It is available on the site but we’ve included it here for easy viewing.

If you have any questions on how to make a fake magazine cover or how to use the magazine cover generator, please feel free to give us a call or to send us an email, we’re always happy to help.  (877-972-6837 or support@yourcover.com)



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