Romantic Gift Idea for the Wedding Season!

It’s that time of year! Your wedding day, is a day full of love, romance, and jubilation! To captivate the most special day in your lives, YourCover gives you the chance to be able to share that memory forever with a truly romantic gift idea.

You can create your own personalized magazine cover for many different uses for a wedding.

1) Create it for your wedding day as centerpieces or favors to share with your guests!
2) Can even be used for the bridal shower or bachelor party where everyone would get a kick out of it!
3) Create it after your wedding is over to get that special picture from your day!
4) Create it for your groom or bride – what a romantic gift idea!
5) If you are a guest at a wedding, you can create it for the couple to enjoy!

However you decide to use it, a personalized magazine cover is a really romantic gift idea to commemorate your special day, and to express one’s love for the other. Don’t settle for your ordinary wedding gift/centerpiece/favor because to create something that comes from the heart is priceless.


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