Romantic Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day

We just love how romantic our customers can be come Valentine’s Day! It’s great to see all the pretty magazine covers that are being designed to celebrate one of the the most important feelings we all experience "LOVE"!

Romantic Gift Idea - Love Magazine CoverCreating a romantic gift for the one you love is easy to do with the online magazine cover editor at  Simply choose either the Valentine’s Day or LOVE personalized magazine cover templates.  Upload a photo of your sweetheart or a photo of the two of you together.  Personalize the default headlines to be all about your significant other, your life together and all the special memories you’ve shared in the past and the ones you plan to make in the future.

Now that’s a romantic gift idea! The magazine cover you create is as special and unique as your relationship and love. You’ve put your love centerstage to celebrate this special day.  A personalized Valentine’s Day or Love magazine cover is a unique gift that will bring a smile on Valentine’s Day and which will be kept for years to come. Get started now.


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