Romantic Gift Idea for Your Bride!

For those grooms who will be tying the knot shortly…I hope you have found a suitable wedding gift for your bride!  You don’t want an angry bride on your wedding day that’s for sure.  Grooms…it’s time to get in touch with your creative side and create a fake magazine cover for your soon-to-be wife!

Upload one of your favorite pictures together, perhaps from your engagement session, and personalize the headlines about each other. This romantic gift idea will be sure to have your bride teary eyed even before she walks down the aisle!  She will spend the morning of looking over the this personalized magazine cover, of your past, present and future together.  There is no other romantic gift idea that will top your list!

Your bride is going to be a star your wedding day, so why not make her a GLOWING star with the help of YourCover. 


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