Smart Gifts for Grads from The Luxe List

YourCover magazine covers are included on the site, The Luxe List Reviews, as a suggestion for a unique graduation gift.  A big thank you to Merilee Kern the Executive Editor. Merilee can be seen on CW San Diego Channel 6 when she presents a segment on unique graduation gifts this coming Tuesday May 31.

Merilee mentions YourCover personalized magazine covers in a list of 17 different graduation gift ideas.  In addition to YourCover, suggestions include a personalized necklace, a gourmet coffee maker and a cookbook. 

To make a graduation magazine cover, upload a photo at YourCover, then personalize the headlines to be all about your graduate’s accomplishments and future plans.  This unique graduation gift will mark a moment in time while celebrating this milestone occasion.  It’s a gift that will be kept for years to come.

The Luxe List

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