Soccer season is almost over – great gift idea


When I was a young soccer player we had a coach named Phil.  Coach Phil was not a great soccer coach but he had some memorable lines like Best coach Personalized Magazine Cover'Soccer is just like pinball, the ball bounces off things and sometimes it goes into the goal'.  We were not a very good team but coach Phil remains unforgettable. 

The fall soccer season always seems to fly by and before you know it winter has come.   

A personalized fake magazine cover is a great way to remember the great moments and the memorable (and not-so memorable) lines from the coaches and parents from the soccer season just passed.   It's also a great gift for coach and is sure to generate a lot of laughs and great stories.  You can totally personalize the entire cover from  for any sport.    You can make your own title or just use the Soccer magazine template already provided.   

There are plenty of coach Phil's that have come and will go, so commemorate the good and great moments so teammates, parents and coaches can all remember them for years to come.   

Soccer is like pinball?   When I was ten I thought that was funny and weird.  I still do.     

Soccer Magazine Cover



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