Sports Magazine Cover

Personalized Sports Magazine CoverThere’s something about this time of year that I just love.  I know for certain it’s the warm days that make me skip out of my house in the morning [okay, maybe not skip], along with the birds singing and the fresh smell of flowers blooming.  The warm weather also brings all of our lazy bodies outside to enjoy outdoor sports!  Baseball and Softball, Biking and Running to name a few. 

My fiance coaches and plays on a men’s softball team and has been doing it for years now.  He always looks forward to getting the team outside to practice on that first 65 degree day and to start preparing for the season.  The season is long, running from May to the end of August, but it makes for a lot of fun during the summer.  Friends and family come to watch their games, even enjoying a picnic while cheering on our favorite team! 

My future mother-in-law loves to photograph the games and is great at grabbing those perfect action shots.  As each season draws to a close, it is great to look back at all of those pictures from the winning season, or in our poor case, losing season! 
One year, while I was looking at the photos, I was running through all the possible photo gift ideas that I could create for my fiance.  He would love to show off the action shots of him and I decided that creating personalized magazine cover would do the trick!  I wanted to emulate a Sports Illustrated cover and did just that!

Joe LOVED his YourCover personalized magazine cover and was asking if I can make one for every player!  I said, "Sure, why not!?"  Everyone on the team got their own personalized magazine cover, with each headline referring to their play over the season and of course, an action shot of them front and center! 

Keep in mind what you can create with all of your snapshots this sports season.  It could be made into a wonderful personalized photo gift!  Start yours now at YourCover!


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