Successful Give-Away at

We had lots of fun yesterday with our give-away of two free personalized magazine covers at  Lots of folks went to the site and made comments and tweeted and shared (on Facebook) about YourCover but only two could be the lucky winners.  However all visitors to the site were able to take advantage of the 15% discount code that was featured yesterday.

It was great to see the video that was posted on and we shared it with our readers on our Facebook page.  Giancarlo, the founder of anyluckyday really understood what YourCover is all about.  He explained how he made a Mother’s Day magazine cover for his mom and how he personalized each headline to be all about her and their family.  He also discussed how YourCover is perfect for those looking for unique photo gifts or personalized anniversary gifts or a gift for grandparents.

Many of those who commented and tweeted about YourCover really liked the idea of being able to completely personalize their gift.  Uploading a photo to a magazine cover template can be fun but what really makes a personalized magazine cover an extra-special gift are the headlines and how each one is unique to the person starring on the front cover. 

So if you are looking for unique photo gifts that will be the big hit of the party and that the recipient will love and keep forever, we think YourCover personalized magazine covers really fit the bill.  Affordably priced and easy to make, this unique personalized gift is great for every occasion.  Start one today!


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