Summer Fun in the Northeast!

Living in the Northeast there is much to enjoy, especially during the summer.  I’m not much of a winter person, so skiing isn’t for me, but once the sun comes out, so do the boats, beach chairs and sun tan lotion!

Clam bakes, pool and lake side parties, and BBQ’s take up most of our summer activities.  For those who have summer birthdays [like me!], it adds an additional helping to your summer fun! 

For those summer birthdays that are approaching, why not create something that fully represents them?  The beach!  Sail boats!  The ocean!  All things summer! 
I made one for my cousin Andrew for his birthday coming up next week.  Finding birthday gifts for guys can be so hard but I know that he LOVES to sail, so I customized a fake magazine cover all about him and sailing for his 30th birthday gift! 

YourCover personalized magazine covers makes it easy to create.  He’s going to LOVE this, especially since this is one of his favorite spots on Martha’s Vineyard that I turned into a picture gift idea for him.  Hopefully after seeing this he’ll get over the fact that he’s turning 30!


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