Summer Is A Star!


Some people find the weirdest (and most expensive) ways to show off their pets. Did you know the most expensive dog collar in the world is worth $1.8 million?  While Paris Hilton shows of her dogs on the red carpet, you can put your pet on the cover of its very own personalized magazine cover!  Instead of buying your pet an expensive toy they will inevitably break, bury, or lose, create a fake magazine cover! Make your favorite fluffy friend a star using YourCover’s templates and headlines.  Simple to create, a personalized magazine cover from YourCover enables you to show off your animal in any way you can imagine.  Pick a photo, and get to work! 

I have had my dog, Summer, for five years now and she is definitely a valued member of my family.  After all, my brother and sister don’t run to the door the minute I walk in!  A YourCover personalized magazine cover is completely unique and guaranteed to showcase your prized pet.  See for yourself, having Summer on her very own magazine cover is the best way to show off that adorable face.  I mean, have you ever seen a dog as cute as mine…I don’t think so!


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