Sweet 16 Magazine Cover Used & Reviewed by Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Dana Vee is the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom.  She uses her blog to educate consumers on how to get the most for their money as well a to offer suggestions on the best products, places, events and establishments to visit.

Personalized Sweet 16 Magazine CoverThis month is Dana's daughter's 16th birthday.  In planning the big party for this milestone birthday, Dana contacted us to see if she could create and then review our Sweet 16 personalized magazine cover. Of course we said yes!  As the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, Dana does a thorough job of investigating a product and giving her readers all the pros and cons.  We are really happy to report that Dana's review was informative, interesting and best of all positive. Take a moment to read the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom's review of YourCover for insight on why a personalized magazine cover is a unique Sweet 16 gift.


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