Sweet Sixteen – Unique Gift for Granddaughter

We're so happy to share the following story from Carolyn of Atlanta, GA.  She recently made a Sweet 16 personalized magazine for her granddaughter.  It's easy to make a magazine cover using the online cover editor at YourCover.com.  Below Carolyn's story you will find directions on how to make a fake magazine cover yourself!

Sweet 16 fake magazine cover"I am grandma and I was trying to figure out what to give my granddaughter and the Sweet Sixteen Cover page was a great idea. This will last for years after, all the [gifts of] money are spent and the jewelry is lost, the cover will still be there. This was one of the greatest gifts she received. The customer service staff was great in helping to make everything perfect. Thank You."
by: Carolyn W of Atlanta, GA

How to make a Sweet 16 magazine cover:

  1. Choose the Sweet 16 magazine cover template found in the YourCover online editor
  2. Upload a photo of the girl whose birthday it is. (make sure it is a hi-res, good quality photo)
  3. Personalize the default headlines so everything is about her, her life, family friends and interests

If you need a last minute Sweet 16 gift or you like to do things yourself, choose the photo file download. You will save the image file of your fake magazine cover to your computer for self-printing. You can print as many copies as you want. If you have more time or prefer the convenience, YourCover can complete the gift for you by printing and optionally framing the personalized magazine cover. Your Sweet 16 gift will arrive ready for wrapping and giving.


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