TeamPages and YourCover

YourCover was recently included in the blog at  TeamPages is a site that offers the coaches and managers of independent sports teams the opportunity to create a hosted web pages all about their team.  Team members (and parents) can check the team page for schedules, directions, photos, stats, etc.  It’s an inexpensive service that helps to keep your team updated and organized.

TeamPages included YourCover to let their users know about the custom gift ideas we offer.  Their users can use our magazine cover templates to create a personalized photo magazne cover as an end-of-season gift for coach or as a team gift for the players on the team.

Gift for CoachOne of the unique features at YourCover is the ‘copy cover’ tool that allows you to create a magazine cover then ‘copy’ it.  After copying you can change out the photo to a different player or different coach, change one or two headlines to reflect that particular person’s position, but anything you don’t change stays the same. In effect you have created your own team magazine cover template that you can revise slightly for each individual without having to start from scratch each time.

By purchasing the photo downloads you will have an inexpensive yet completely unique instant gift that you can print and frame yourself.  Your customized magazine covers will be the hit of the sports banquet!  Get started now…


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