The Best Sweet 16 Gifts

What are the best sweet 16 gifts?  Well, if you have watched even just a small part of one episode of MTV’s "My Super Sweet 16" show, you know the answer is a HUGE party and a new car!  Since those particular gifts are out of the budgetary limits of most gift-givers here are a few suggestions for other things that might thrill a teenage girl.

A "splurge" gift – hit one of the finest jewelers in the world for a signature piece of jewelry – it’s hard to go wrong with something from Tiffany’s – this brand name still holds lots of cachet in the teen world.  It’s also a classic gift that she can keep forever.

An "adventure" gift – take your Sweet 16 white water rafting, ballooning, bungee-jumping or for a glider ride.  This exciting gift is something you could participate in along with her so you will share a great memory together too.

A "pampering" gift – manicure, pedicure, massage, facial – a day at the spa (or a treatment or two) feels very luxurious to any girl (whether she’s 16, 40 or 80).  Make her feel like a princess with a soft robe, soft music and the lovely treatments she’ll experience.Sweet 16 Gift

A "superstar" gift – many teenage girls dream of "fame" and would love to see themselves on the cover of a magazine.  Make the dream come true by creating a personalized sweet 16 magazine cover starring her photo.  Each headline is also about the Sweet 16 girl, her likes/dislikes, friends, family, etc.  It’s a personalized sweet 16 gift that will make her feel like a star.  She’ll keep it forever because it is so unique and because you made it just for her.

At YourCover make a personalized sweet 16 gift that will be the hit of the party (and that won’t break the bank – pricing starts at only $12.95 for a gift as unique as the girl starring on the front cover),


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