Tis the Holiday Season – Fun Last Minute Gift Idea!


Holiday Fun TemplateCan you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! This year sure has gone by quickly and Christmas is just around the corner.

We have a great holiday magazine cover template for you to showcase your great family photos! You can make it as a keepsake, gift, or send it out to the family as a great reminder of all the good laughs and good food you shared over the holidays. 

This instant gift is perfect for any occasion and your family and friends will absolutely love it!

The holidays are my favorite time of year, especially now when all of us are a bit older, and way busier to get together as often. The holidays mean so much to me and my family that a gift this thoughtful will certainly be a big hit. 

You may think, these are just fake magazine covers, but really it so much more than that! With all of your personal touches, it becomes a fantastic way to keep great memories alive!

Check out www.yourcover.com to start your own fantastic gift for the holiday season!


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