Traditional Quinceanera Gifts

While doing a little bit more research about Quinceaneras and Quinceanera gifts, I found an interesting article written by Rebecca M. Cuevas De Caissie on  She says…

"There are some essentials for a traditional Quinceañera and then there are accessories that make the occasion seem like a fantasy for the evening. I am going to provide you with a list of items that are traditionally included. In the list of gifts and accessories for a Quinceañera will also be the meanings behind each of these items.

Traditional gifts for the Quinceañera

The Tiara symbolizes a princess before God. This usually replaces a headpiece worn by Quinceañera until she is blessed during the festivities.

A Scepter is placed in the hand of the Quinceañera to symbolize her taking on adult roles as well as the authority that goes with her new position in the family and society.

A prayer book or Bible is given to the Quinceañera as a resource to keep the word of God in her life. 

A ring or a bracelet is given to symbolize the never-ending circle of life, the never-ending cycle of womanhood as well as symbolic of her future contributions. 

Earrings are given to remind her to keep her ears in tune to the voice of God, or to listen to the word of God as well as the world around her.

A medallion may be given to the Quinceañera as a symbol of her faith or as a reminder of her Quinceañeras celebration, usually numbered 15."

However, if you want to add a little spice to the mix and do something a little bit different, visit for unique Quinceanera gift ideas!  YourCover offers an opportunity to create a personalized magazine cover starring the Quinceanera – it’s perfect for the birthday girl on her Quince Anos!  It’s simple and fun to to create.  All you have to do is add your favorite picture of the Quinceanera, customize your headlines, and place your order!. It’s that easy! The best thing about YourCover?  Besides the ear to ear smile on the person receiving it?  Everyone will be asking you where you got it and how you made it!  

A photo magazine cover can be a really great quinceanera gift, invitation, keepsake, or centerpiece.  Be creative and make a custom magazine cover to make her Quinceanera really special!  It’s a gift that she can admire and keep to remember her special night for the rest of her life.  And bear in mind, for the person (or fifteen year old) who has everything, a unique personalized gift is always the best way to go.


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  1. moin

    A photo magazine cover can be a really great quinceanera gift, invitation, keepsake, or centerpiece.
    it is an unique gift.


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