TV Personality & Interior Designer on YourCover

Courtney Cachet is a style expert and interior designer known for her appearances on TV and in newspapers and magazines. She was recently featured on a YourCover "Celebrity" magazine cover and she let us know she thought it was the cutest idea.

Coutney Cachet - Interior Designe - Stars on YourCoverAs she states on her Facebook page, "SO FUNNY..I WAS JUST SENT THIS..YOU CAN GET ONE OF THESE FOR UNDER $20. LOVE IT AS A GIFT! CHECK IT OUT! WWW.YOURCOVER.COM"

We were so thrilled that Courtney got a kick out of her YourCover celebrity status. Visit Courtney’s website, her Facebook page or her Huffington Post Style Blog.

Why not be a star like Courtney and make your own fake magazine at YourCover!


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