Unique Anniversary Gift is May Cover of the Month

Each month our customers add their personalized magazine covers to our Gallery of Covers. We then add these covers to an album on our Facebook page.  Emails go out and posts get circulated on Facebook letting everyone know that it is time for them to visit that month's album to help us choose the Cover of the Month.  Visitors to our Facebook album then 'like' whichever covers they think are the best. Customers can tag and share their magazine cover design with their friends to try to get as many likes as possible. At the end of the voting period (typically 3 days), we choose the Cover of the Month from among the three fake magazine covers with the most likes.

The May 2013 Cover of the Month is a 6th anniversary gift that Michele K of Sneads Ferry, NC made.  The photo is super cute and fun!  She used our standard "Happy Anniversary" magazine cover template but then personalized it to her occasion by adding the word "Sixth" to the title.  For being chosen as the May Cover of the Month Michele has received a gift code for a free magazine cover print and wood frame (with free shipping too of course).  We're sure you'll think that Michele's design is a fun example of a personalized magazine cover and is a unique and memorable anniversary gift.

To make a fake magazine cover for your anniversary, follow the 3 simple steps below:

1) Choose a magazine cover template (we have 80+ choices)

2) Upload a photo of the couple

3) Personalize the default headlines so each one is about the recipients, their family, interests, likes and dislikes. You can include special memories and inside jokes too!



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