Unique Anniversary Gift


Summer is coming to its end ='[  It seems that every year I always ask myself, "Why has this summer flown by so fast?"  The answer I guess is obvious when I look back to the first BBQ and every other in between, plus softball games twice a week and weekend trips here & there.  The saying "Time flies when you’re having fun" definitely rings true!Romantic Gift Idea

just uploaded all my pictures starting from June and it was nice to take a look back at what summer 2010 brought.  When I was scanning through, I came across this picture of Daniel and Sue who joined us on our weekend trip to Cape Cod with family and friends.  As I was admiring how great this picture was of them, I realized that their anniversary is coming up! 

I didn’t want to just e-mail them the picture, I wanted to create a personalized anniversary gift.  Creating fake magazine covers with YourCover is so simple and fun to do, whether you purchase the print & frame or the download as an instant gift.

I’m so excited to give this to them for their anniversary!  They had such a great time on their trip to Cape Cod and hopefully everytime they look at this it will bring back those fun memories.


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