Unique Birthday Gift For Him


Happy Birthday Magazine Cover TemplateApparently, there are about 490,000 babies born EVERYDAY worldwide. Google it. Anyway, what does that mean exactly? Well odds are, you know someone who’s birthday is coming up. If there are that many people born everyday, you probably know people with birthdays almost each day of the year.

So what am I getting at? Duh! Make a magazine cover for your next birthday event. Our Happy Birthday magazine cover template is perfect for anyone at any age! Just put in your favorite picture of the birthday person to be and personalize your headlines!! 

Unique gift ideas are hard to come by especially when it’s crunch time. (And birthday gifts for guys are especially difficult, well for me anyway.) 

So if you’re struggling with trying to come up with an awesome gift idea, make a personalized magazine cover. It will make anyone’s day extra special.


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