Unique Birthday Gift for Mom!

 Every year for my mom’s birthday my dad and I take an entire day and go to the mall in search of the perfect present.  Normally moms are pretty low-key and easy to shop for, but the older my mom gets, the more stuff she accumulates. Needless to say my dad and I are not the best or most efficient shoppers in the world (we usually end up in the food court eating ice cream) and we end up each buying her a piece of jewelry.unique gift for mom

This year however I have made it my goal to step out of the box and find a unique birthday gift.  Now, I have looked far and wide for the best unique birthday gift for Mom and I think a personalized birthday gift is the way to go.  I decided to make her a custom magazine cover from YourCover so she will finally be able to display something other than a pair of earrings!  YourCover has so many custom templates to chose from that creating a unique gift for Mom (or Dad since his birthday is coming up too) will be simple and easy.  I highly recommend a photo magazine cover because it truly is a unique gift for Mom, Dad, or anyone!


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