Unique Birthday Gift for Your Pet!

Unique Pet Gift IdeaCelebrating your dog’s birthday is like celebrating your own.  It has to be celebrated with a doggy cake, a birthday hat and a gift or two.  Hopefully you don’t feed them cake and gift them gifts everyday, otherwise this wouldn’t be a special day for them…it would be just like any other day. 

Our four-legged friend Rufus here, had is 5th Birthday celebration yesterday and was SO EXCITED to be able to pick out his own doggy treat and a new doggy toy.  Can’t you tell how overwhelmed with excitement he is?!  This picture is priceless and to use it for great picture gift ideas, I decided to customize a personalized magazine cover from YourCover. 

Rufus’ owner will be THRILLED when she finds out I made this for her.  This fake magazine covers for her pet is the best birthday gift idea for not just Rufus, but for her too!  It will look perfect on her desk at work so she can see Rufus all day long =]


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