Unique Cheer Gift


Unique Cheer Gift  Personalized Magazine CoverWe have been adding new personalized magazine covers to the YourCover website!  Take a peek at our newest addition, our Cheer magazine cover!

You can create a fake magazine cover for your daughter, teammate or friend.  Simply choose the cheerleading magazine cover template, upload a photo of your cheerleader (or of the team), and customize the default headlines to be all about her!

We have several options available for you to purchase.  We can print and frame your fake magazine cover for you or you can download your personalized magazine cover and print it off yourself!  It is also available as a poster, mug, mousepad, t-shirt along with several more gift ideas!  Your cheerleader will be so thrilled with this unique gift idea because it is one-in-a million!  Create your one-in-a-million cheer cover now


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