Unique Coach’s Gift

It’s the time of year when the sports season is ending and parents and team members are looking for a unique coach’s gift to thank their coach for all their effort and hard work during the past season. 

Unique Gift for Coach from YourCoverWhen YourCover updated its site, one of the magazine cover templates we added was the "Best Coach" design.  Choose this template in our magazine cover generator, upload a photo of the coach, then personalize all the headlines to be about your coach, his (or her) well-known sayings and quirks, memories of great games, important stats and funny stories.  When completed your "Best Coach" fake magazine cover will end up being one of the very best gifts your coach has ever received.

Download the photo file and print it yourself for an affordable, last minute gift. Or if you have the time (at least a few days), let us print and frame your personalized magazine cover for you.  Next time you need a gift for Coach, try a fake magazine cover from YourCover – it’s a special gift that will bring back happy memories for years to come!


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