Unique Father’s Day Gift for Lee DeWyze Sr.

Personalized Father's Day Cover

For all of you American Idol fans watchng the final on Wednesday night, you either were REALLY happy or REALLY sad.  I have to admit, this season of American Idol did not compare to past years and did not hold my interest.  Despite having stopped watching several episodes ago, I was still happy that Lee won.  From the episodes I did watch…I LOVED Siobhan, in my opinion she was the most talented on that stage, but she ruined it for me when she started screaming every song.  After that I became a Lee DeWyze fan. 

I think all of you Lee fans will have to agree with me that he has a great voice, amazing talent & of course he’s such a cutie!  He has been on the ride of his life since the day he walked into his Chicago audition and there is more to come!  He has been very blessed that this has happened to him as one of so many thousands who try to make it in the music business.  Who knew that your local painter would be the next American Idol?  

Lee is a run-of-the-mill regular kind of guy with loving parents who support him 100%…you gotta love that!  This coming Father’s Day will be the best for Lee’s dad…what better gift can a father get than to see your son become a star and do what he loves to do best?  Well we thought it would be fun to commemorate this special Father’s Day for Mr. DeWyze and let him be a star just like his son by putting him on his own personalized magazine cover!  Finding unique gift ideas for Father’s Day can be a challenge but a personalized magazine cover is a smart solution if you are lookin for a unique Father’s Day gift.

Show your Dad how much you mean to him this year with the best personalized photo gift idea, a Father’s Day personalized magazine cover from YourCover. 


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