Unique Football Gift


Football Magazine Cover TemplateIt seems like almost every week my friends (mostly dudes) get together for a football night. Personally, I’m a huge Giants fan–> because my dad was and I grew up with the team. Football is mostly an American sport, but you do see variations of this contact sport throughout the world.

Whether you’re a huge fan, or you know someone that plays football, our football magazine cover template is perfect for you. Think about it: how many great photos do you have of your son/nephew/boyfriend/husband/cousin/whomever throwing the ball or making a great kick (or even tackling someone)?

This unique personalized gift is perfect for any occasion, especially because the person you’re making it for will get to show off their skills! The holiday season is coming up almost too soon, so hurry and get your loved one this perfect stocking stuffer! It’s a gift that they can cherish forever. It’s even perfect for those who don’t have much time for shopping (which is everyone these days) because you can download your magazine cover to make an instant gift!

All you have to do is upload a picture of your fabulous football star, personalize your headlines, and place your order! It really is…that easy…


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