Unique Gift for Coach

Spring sports seasons are approaching their end and many parents are looking for ways to thank the coach(es) who have given so much of their time and effort to guiding their child’s team.  A unique gift for coach is a personalized "Best Coach" magazine cover from YourCover.

To make a magazine cover, simply Best Coach Magazine Cover - Unique Gift for Coachupload a photo of the coach to the "Best Coach" magazine cover template, then personlized the default headlines to be all about the team, the season and the reasons why your coach is so appreciated.

A photo file download can be printed at home and placed in a frame for quick, inexpensive, last minute coach gift.  Or YourCover can print and frame your personalized magazine cover for you. 

If you have several coaches that need gifts, simply ‘duplicate’ the first coach magazine cover, then customize the duplicate with the next coach’s photo and info.  No need to start from scratch each time!

The best gift for coach is one that shows your appreciation and you’ll get that with a YourCover fake magazine cover.


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